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4002014 LEGO HUB Birds

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4002014 HUB Birds

{Employee Only}

2014, LEGO Employees Exclusive
Year Released



FREE to LEGO Employees Only
Original Retail

Current Market Value, New

Current Market Value, Used

Rare Scale 1 (Common) – 10 (Extremely Rare):

BRICKSTORY: The Lego HUB Birds set is an exclusive gift given only to LEGO employees for the 2014 Christmas season. “HUB” refers to the different LEGO headquarters (or HUBs) around the world, and country is represented by a specific bird: the Eagle in the USA; the Swan in Denmark; a Robin in the UK; the Crimson Sunbird for Singapore; and the Crane for China. Being an employee exclusive, this set receives an 8 on the rare scale, but there are a few former employees willing to part with one, so it’s not quite a 9 or a 10.


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