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21021 Marina Bay Sands

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21021 Marina Bay Sands


2014 (Exclusive to Singapore)
Year Released



Original Retail

Current Market Value, New

$500 (watch out for fakes!)
Current Market Value, Used

Rare Scale 1 (Common) – 10 (Extremely Rare):

BRICKSTORY: With a 9 on the Rare Scale, this set is *very* exclusive indeed – and the most desired set by collectors in the entire Architecture line. With a paltry 10,000 units produced, it was only available in Singapore, initially exclusively at the gift shop within the Marina Bay Sands hotel. It was later sold in limited quantities at LEGO-branded retail stores within the Asian market, mostly within Singapore. Interestingly, the only element exclusive to this set is the black 1×8 tile with “Marina Bay Sands” printed in white – something that a few custom printers around the world (including Bricknowlogy) can now replicate. That said, having the box – especially sealed – is what really matters to collectors. And that’s where the coin is… a sealed set – if you can find one – will run close to $1500 or more. And many of those have shipping labels or price stickers on them. This is a real find if you can your hands on one – and a beautiful set to display!


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