Bricknowlogy takes COVID-19 Seriously

As many of you may know, Bricknowlogy is a locally owned and operated family business here in Eagle, Idaho. We truly consider all of our customers as part of the extended Bricknowlogy family, and we have grown our business on that premise for the past six years. I spend much of my time each day running the store with the help of our amazing staff members – and they, too, are equally a part of our family. And our children – like yours – are at the store on a regular basis: working, playing, and building. As such, I wanted to pass on to all of you that we take the COVID-19 Coronavirus very seriously.

At Bricknowlogy, we take every precaution to ensure the cleanliness of our store, the careful sourcing of our products, and the social responsibilities of our staff. And since we are quite literally a “small” business, we have direct control over our confined space, how it is managed and cared for, and how we conduct our daily operations with our close-knit team. In short, we have tight controls over our products, our store, and our behaviors. I’d like to highlight a few of the exceptional processes we follow, to ensure we continue to maintain the operational excellence you’ve grown accustomed to over the years:


  • All of our LEGO products come directly from the US LEGO Distribution Center in Dallas, TX. That product is never co-mingled, stored, packed, shipped, or handled with any other product from China or other high risk regions.
  • Our LEGO products are delivered in factory-sealed case packs on plastic shrink-wrapped pallets and unpacked directly by our local staff.
  • All of our LEGO product is guaranteed 100% LEGO-direct, unopened, and factory new. ALWAYS.


  • All “heavy touch” areas such as light switches, counters, sinks and door handles – including exteriors – are disinfected nightly.
  • Our bathroom is cleaned and disinfected nightly, and throughout the day as needed – and is always stocked with hand soap and paper towels.
  • Our floors are vacuumed throughout the day and frequently steam-cleaned.
  • Our party room contains build tables with removable plates that are washed in antibacterial soap and hot water after each party. Our tables and chairs are disinfected after each party.
  • At the start of each party, during the rules announcements, children are instructed to wash their hands when they use the restroom and before eating.
  • We have disabled the requirement for credit card signatures, so no need to touch the screen or use a signature pen during checkout.
  • We now accept Apple Pay and G Pay (Google Pay) with electronic receipts for even easier checkout.


  • All Bricknowlogy staff wash their hands regularly, in addition to using hand sanitizer.
  • All Bricknowlogy staff have been instructed and are acutely aware of the symptoms and early signs of COVID-19. As such, staff members are taking extreme precautions in their personal lives – in and out of the store – to reduce the risk of exposure of any kind.
  • Since we do have a small team, we can ensure tight controls and pass that comfort and security on to our customers. None of our staff or their family members have traveled out of state in the past several months (or have any plans to do so), nor have they been in contact with anyone who has.
  • Of course, no Bricknowlogy staff member will work if they have any symptoms or have come into contact with anyone else with symptoms.


We appreciate that all of our customers and visitors be mindful as well. In most cases, virus transmission can be greatly curtailed by following the basic recommendations of the CDC: regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds and stay home if you’re sick.

As always, we greatly appreciate all the support from our community and we will continue to work hard to bring everyone a happy, safe, and exceptional experience in every way imaginable.

Thank you.        

The entire Bricknowlogy Team.

Awesome Birthday Parties

Unique and super-fun parties for kids of all ages – and super-easy for parents of all ages!  No decorations, no gift bags / party favors, so running and screaming (or bleeding).  And EVERYONE has fun!!!

Classes & Camps

Classes, Camps, and Workshops for all ages, specializing in Mindstorms EV3 Robotics programming system.  Mobile classroom provides on-site instruction for schools, libraries, and other educational settings.

Custom Printed Minifigures

Commercial / Professional custom printed minifigures for any occasion… You choose hair/hat, body, legs, and accessories, then add any text, picture, logo, graphic, etc… and we do the rest.  Produced right here in our store.
5 Stars!!  Our son had his 8th birthday party here and it was the best birthday EVER! The boys loved every moment and the employees were excellent and extremely helpful! Thanks Bricknowlogy for a great party! We will be back!
Jamie P.

5 Stars!!  I thought being a specialty store meant higher prices. After visiting this place today for the first time, I learned I’ve been spending way too much money for Legos buying them everywhere else. They had every Lego set and everything was at least $10 cheaper. Best lego store in Boise!!
Josh T.

5 Stars!!  Awesome store for kids of all ages that love Lego. Unique and creative approach to using Lego not just for building things. The classes offered are great – engaging and thought provoking for the age taught.
John F.

5 stars!!  Took our 6yr old here to pick out a few sets for his birthday. Really impressed with the selection, especially the smaller sets! Good prices and GREAT SERVICE! Definitely coming back and looking into the classes and parties! Thanks!
Stephanie A.

Bricknowlogy is a GOLD STANDARD CERTIFIED LEGO Store - a very unique and rare achievement bestowed on us by The LEGO Group.  This is very important since there is a tremendous amount of fraud in this space.  Sites like eBay and Amazon are notorious for selling fake, used, damaged, or incomplete LEGO products (with many missing pieces) as NEW.  First, these imitation products are not produced with the same safety concerns and oversight we have in the US. Inks for printing are often sub-par and potentially toxic, especially for children. Secondly, the ABS plastics are an inferior quality and with a lower density, and may separate from each other causing a choking risk and other problems. These poor quality items will never last as well as the legitimate products. And finally, from a trade-in perspective, these items are literally worthless and have zero residual value. (Click here for more details)


  • GOLD STANDARD CERTIFIED means Bricknowlogy only sells LEGO product that is sourced directly and only from The LEGO Group, aka “LEGO”
    ALL of our products are factory-direct from LEGO: authentic and legit – Guaranteed


  • No on-line retailer or mass-merchandiser is GOLD certified, meaning that some or all of their product is sourced from unauthorized “third-party” sellers and mixed in with direct LEGO product and sold as their own, without indicating its true third-party source. Virtually anyone person or entity in the world can be a "third party"seller with these online stores.,,, etc. sell a lot of third-party items as their own (i.e. “Ships and Sold by…”)


  • ebay is completely unregulated and not a retailer.  ebay only acts as a broker between you and some third-party with no relationship with LEGO.
    All ebay purchases come from sources outside of LEGO


  • It also means that Bricknowlogy is uniquely authorized to sell product in-store that is typically only available directly from LEGO
    We get to sell a lot of cool stuff you won’t see anywhere else


Bricknowlogy, LLC
228 E Plaza Drive, Suite P
Eagle, ID 83616

MON – SAT: 10AM – 7PM
SUN: 10AM – 5PM

Phone: (208) 939-5346 (LEGO)



To build the mind and expand the imagination of our community and all that we serve through STEM-based learning programs, thought-provoking classes and camps, innovative products, and premium construction sets at the lowest everyday prices.


To be the premiere destination for LEGO® Construction Sets, Education, and Entertainment in the Treasure Valley and across the great state of Idaho


To consistently deliver value by providing the highest quality products and services, soliciting feedback from our customers and partners, and continually exploring unique ways to build your mind.


We invite you to experience the difference at Bricknowlogy – Master Builders and Experts in LEGO® Products, Design, Construction and Robotics

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