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70588 Titanium Ninja Tumbler

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70588 Titanium Ninja Tumbler


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BRICKSTORY: Nicknamed the “TNT” Vehicle, this set has a few features reminiscent of the Classic Space police sets, a detachable prison as well as a detachable flyer for Zane. Such a cool addition! This set was only available at or Toys ’R Us and comes with an exclusive Zane Minifigure as well as 2 exclusive Nindroids. This set is 1 out of 5 sets that are part of Ninjago’s “Day of the Departed” season. It is considered a 5 on the rarity scale due to its limited retail availability and also how many are currently for sale today! The Ninja Tumbler is definitely one of those “sleeper” sets… it has great features, a slick design, unique minifigs, and awesome play-value. If you’re a Ninjago fan, you need to put this one on your list if you missed it back in 2016.

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