Official Brickstory Gear & Campaign Perks

Brickstory Apparel


Long Sleeve Shirt – Blue






Long Sleeve Shirt – Black






Long Sleeve Shirt – Grey






Long Sleeve Shirt – White






Blue Hoodie






Cap – Blue

Cap – Nickel

Bricknowlogy Apparel


Hoodie – Blue

Hoodie – Red






Long Sleeve Shirt – Black

Long Sleeve Shirt – Blue






Long Sleeve Shirt – Red

Long Sleeve Shirt – Green






Brickstory Custom Exclusives


Custom SPONSOR Minifigures

Custom SPONSOR Bricks and Tiles







Brickstory Stickers


4×4 Brickstory Sticker

4×4 Bricknowlogy Sticker

Brickstory SPONSOR Stickers


4×6 Brickstory Sponsor Sticker



4×6 Brickstory Contributor Sticker

4×6 Brickstory GOLD Sponsor Sticker

Brickstory “Bumper” Stickers


3×13 Brickstory Brick-Sticker



3×13 Brickstory / Bricknowlogy Sticker



3×13 Brickstory “Wall of Sponsors” Brick-Sticker



3×13 Brickstory / Bricknowlogy Minifig Sticker



Brickstory Wall of Sponsors


This is just a small sample rendering of the Wall of Sponsors to show layout and printing based on sponsorship.  The actual wall will be a permanent part of the main entrance and will consist of over 5,000 LEGO bricks and measure approximately 5ft x 5ft – or more!  We’ll keep growing the wall as out sponsors grow!