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On-Line Registration Starts Thursday, April 26, 2018

NEW FOR 2018: To make registration easier and provide better tracking for attendees as well an authorized list for pickup/drop-off, we have switched to Sawyer to manage the entire camp / class signup process. Click the registration button to see a complete list of classes in date order, or scroll down for the same info as we as downloadable PDF files for each class. You will need to create an account and enter your student(s) name(s) so we can track attendance and class sizes. Full details are contained within each class description when you select “More Info” – that’s where you register as well.  A calendar view is available here.

Also this year, many of our classes are now offered in 1/2-Day sessions giving the attendees (and the parents / sitters) a full four hours of fun (and freedom).  Students will be required to bring Snack and Lunch and Water Bottle for the 1/2-Day sessions. See class descriptions below or the Registration widget for full details.

Please note: In order to offer the best availability to our all customers and ensure proper attendance and planning, class registrations are not refundable once they are paid for – nor can they can changed or moved. We will not be able to effectively plan and provide proper availability without having set schedules and attendance commitments. In addition, some classes require a minimum attendance threshold to make it most effective.  In the unusual event a class does not meet that requirement, Bricknowlogy will offer a full refund and notice at least 48 hours before the class start date.  Thank you for your understanding and for supporting Bricknowlogy!


Please ignore the day headings along the top (Mon, Tues, etc.) … we’re working with our booking partner Sawyer on getting that removed, so for now, please just be sure you always select “Camps / Events” and “All” to make certain you’re seeing the full list.  Click the “More Info” button to get full details and/or to register for that class. Thank you!