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263 Kitchen

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263 Kitchen


Year Released


0 (2 “Homemaker” Brick-built Figures)

Original Retail

$500, Est
Current Market Value, New

$75, Est
Current Market Value, Used

Rare Scale 1 (Common) – 10 (Extremely Rare):

BRICKSTORY: The 263 Kitchen set is a 1974 LEGO release in the “Homemaker” theme which ran from 1971 – 1982 and featured larger scale builds of various rooms, house accessories, and furniture – and then later, expanded to include external places to visit, such as a Salon (230) and a Hospital (231). 263 Kitchen is the first of the Homemaker sets to include these large-scale, brick-built people that were introduced with this set (and others) in 1974. The majority of these large-scale figures were part of the “Building Set with People” theme which ran from 1974 – 1978, and presumably dropped with the introduction of the modern-style minifigure in 1978. Notice the unique baseplate included in this set (and only 4 other sets – 3 blue and 1 red). These sets were fairly prevalent at the time, but 45 years later it is near impossible to find any left that are in excellent condition, with the box and instructions – ergo the 6 rating on the rare scale.




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