219107 Construction Basics (8.1.2019 10:30AM)


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Construction Basics

AUGUST 1, 2019 10:30 AM – 12:00 NOON

Please note: In order to offer the best availability to our all customers and ensure proper attendance and planning, class registrations are not refundable once they are paid for – nor can they can changed or moved. We will not be able to effectively plan and provide proper availability without having set schedules and attendance commitments. In addition, some classes require a minimum attendance threshold to make it most effective.  In the unusual event a class does not meet that requirement, Bricknowlogy will offer a full refund and notice at least 48 hours before the class start date.  Thank you for your understanding and for supporting Bricknowlogy!


EXPERIENCE:  [X] Beginner, little or no building experience   [X] Looking for tips / tricks to better building w/ instructions

PRE-REQUISITE: Interest in Construction Toys / Bricks

DURATION: 90 minutes


INCLUDES: LEGO Creator or City set, $20 value

SYNOPSIS: Students build and take home a LEGO® Creator® set while learning construction basics and the fundamental design principles for creating primary objects in the world around them. Students are shown tips and tricks in building more accurately and efficiently through an experienced LEGO builder and instructor.

OBJECTIVE: Through the selection of specific sets, students are taught a combination of techniques for both structural integrity and design characteristics – a blend of “function” and “form”. Students are introduced to the proper nomenclature of specific elements including brackets, turntables, hinges, axles, pins, beams, and more. Students are also taught how specific elements may be used and/or rotated in various ways to create alternative uses and functions for advanced building techniques.

APPROACH: Build specifically chosen LEGO Creator sets – and alternate models, as time permits – to demonstrate and guide students on the use of various common elements to effectively construct foundational structures and vehicles.

1. Science: 3D visualization and special relations
2. Technology: basic relationships and ratios of the LEGO building system
3. Engineering: fine motor skills, basic instructional / visual interpretation
4. Art: creative design, visual interpretation
5. Math: basic numbers and counting (studs), ratios, grouping

LEGO® TECHNIQUE: Brick / Plate / Tile combinations, Wheels and Axles, Windows and Doors, Introduction to Studs Not on TOP (SNoT) construction and 3-Dimensional Construction, Object Rotation