#446150 Benjamin Smith, Age 19

A representation of the inner construction of a lightsaber, specifically, an atypical design. This type of lightsaber, although it appears to produce a single lance shape blade, actually is several thin rapidly rotating blades.
There are several advantages to this design. Mainly, an increased destructive force and increased blade length. If built properly, the blade is as stable and quiet as a regular lightsaber.
There are two main disadvantages to this setup. It is slightly more fragile, and requires more maintenance. Also, due to the multi-bladed nature of its design, harmonizing kyber crystals must be used to produce a stable blade.
Due to this, acquired kyber crystals from previous lightsabers, or bleeding crystals likely will disagree and produce a dangerous unstable blade. Either tedious experimentation, or the use of unimprinted crystals are key to making a successful saber of this design.
The general rule of thumb, the closer the colors the more likely they are to agree.


#446155 Jacob Sadovich, Age 40

“The Chicken Coup”
A small outpost AT-ST hangar hosing a small garrison of troops and eight AT-STs jokingly named the chicken coup by its residents.
Today, Lord Vader is doing a surprise inspection and is unamused by both the name and the constant reports of the antics of this particular garrison.


#446172 Joshua Byers, Age 18

Ethertech is a (fan-made) company that exists in the Star Wars universe. They specialize in advanced robotics, vehicles, and weapon systems. My submission consists of two parts, a droid and a speeder.
The droid (GRG-01) was designed for exploration. His large paddle feet help him move nimbly over surfaces that many droids struggle with such as snow or sand. His pneumatic legs enable him to travel quickly in bounding strides. Because exploration of remote systems is one of his prime functions, he has a robust array of visual and environmental sensors.
The “wolf” speeder was designed as a sleek and powerful personal transportation system. Orginally intended to be an aerodynamic pod for a podracer, the wolf speeder was later retrofitted to be its own independent vehicle.
Ethertech has been contracted to create custom AT walker units, infantry deployed artillery systems and droids for both military and non-military organizations. If you’re interested in ordering a highly-engineered, functional and elegant Ethertech product, please contact your planet’s Ethertech representative.

#446147 Ethan Mentze, Age 19 

Greetings! As a commander of an IM-455 modular garrison, you are in possession of an impregnable fortress that stands as a symbol of Imperial power.
The IM-455 follows a consistant structural configuration.
Level 1 = Trooper quarters, a detention block, an armory, a med bay, and dining hall as well as a maintenance room.
Level 2 = Officers quarters, pilots quarters, monitoring stations, command HQ, and shooting range.
Level 3, Roof = TIE Hangars, TIE ground control station, scout towers, turbo laser emplacements
I made this because I am a huge fan of Imperial buildings and vehicles and LEGO has never made an Imperial fortress and so I thought I would take the idea of a multi level building like Ninjago City and turn it into a fun, playable, Star Wars Set. I spent 3 weeks making this with hours of looting pieces and equipment to add to it’s detail. It is the best MOC I have ever made and I hope you all enjoy it.

#446154 Benjamin Smith, Age 19

The G-Wing Starfighter was developed by a young First Order engineer, Gavin, who while stationed in a remote star system was charged with building a new style of superior Starfighter. He secretly despised the tyranny of the First Order and believed in the freedom of democracy. As he began construction of this special Starfighter, he had no intentions of letting the First Order actually use it. After it’s construction, he and two of his friends who also believed in democratic freedom, along with their trusty astromech G7-A3, bolted from their research facility in the newly christened G-Wing Starfighter. It was named such because when you look at it from a bird’s-eye view and the cockpit is facing your left, you’ll see that the placement of the gunnery chambers creates the visage of a capital letter G. The fact that the younge scientists’ name is Gavin, may or may not be entirely coincidence.
The G-Wing Starfighter is unique in many ways, the first of which is its revolutionary power source. It runs entirely on Kaibur crystals, the same kind the Jedi and Sith used in their lightsabers. Consequently, this provides it with several special abilities recently unprecedented in Starfighter technology. Due to this, any energy the G-Wing may emit, whether cannon fire or engine exhaust will exhibit lightsaber-like properties. For instance, the deflector shield is probably more aptly named on this vessel than any other to date given that the shields cause incoming laser blasts to be harmlessly deflected off of them and often back into the path of the enemy that fired them. The shield that can sustain about 7,000,000 direct hits with Starfighter laser bolts before it deactivates and needs to be recharged. A battle-cruiser, such as a Star Destroyer’s, turbo lasers could pierce the shield after only about 70 direct hits. This is much harder to do, however, since the G-Wing is extremely agile, and therefore quite difficult to hit with an anti-snub-fighter cannon. The deflector shield is generated by 8 small, dish-shaped modules, that also provide sensory input which is transmitted directly to the 2 gunner’s screens, the pilot’s dashboard and to G7-A3 when he is plugged into his socket. G7-A3 also has a direct connection to all the dashboards in the ship when he is plugged in so he can alert the other crewmembers of enemy movements or other harmful events that might’ve been overlooked (i.e. an enemy Starfighter attacking from directly above or below). This is why the G-Wings most common maneuver is to constantly and at random intervals roll (essentially a barrel roll) to give the starboard and port-side gunners a clear view of any potential targets. It also changes the flat, round disc-shape that attackers see to a much thinner target, like trying to hit a plate from the side as opposed to from above. If the deflector shields are pierced the G-Wing is protected from behind because the engine exhaust is so intense that any laser fire short of that from a battle-cruiser’s turbo-laser either dissipates or is violently deflected away. It is for this reason that the G-Wing needs no rear guns.
The G-Wing has 3 main offensive weapons. A main gun to the right of the cockpit that is for the pilot’s use, and two swiveling turrets on either side. The starboard guns fire a lighter less concentrated blast but makes up for it with speed of discharge (SOD) which is basically the speed at which it can continuously fire. The port-side guns are heavier artillery-wise, offering more concentrated energy bolts. This results in a slower SOD, but when it hits, a ship can seldom recover before exploding. The main gun (MG) is the most powerful of all, and it has the slowest SOD, but easily the most powerful blast. The pilot must choose his shots carefully and time them judiciously. As Gavin is the pilot and creator of this unprecedented flying weapon, he is able to execute this devastating effect on necessary targets. All of these guns are powered by the Kaibur crystals imbedded in the ships main reactor module. Imagine shooting lightsaber blades of varying intensity and at varying speeds. The effect is catastrophic for whoever ends up on the wrong end of these barrels. The MG has such a high concentration of energy, that it can actually puncture through a capital ship’s deflector shields at full power.
Besides astrochmech G7-A3, Gavin’s other friends who felt the pull of freedom to escape the First Order to become gunners on the G-Wing Starfighter were Goss Toowers and JJaX. During their daring escape, Goss Toowers, who is a Shozer working at the lowest ranks of ground crew, secretly disabled the tractor beams that kept the G-Wing harnessed to the space station. JJaX, serving as the chief scientist, created a fake chemical disturbance in a distant part of the station to redirect the attention of the main officers and the garrison of Stormtroopers. This allowed the secret freedom fighters to sneak on board the G-Wing and escape into hyperspace. During their daring escape they had to engage a star destroyer testing their new technology which passed with flying pieces of the destroyer’s debrisDue to the highly efficient nature of Kaibur crystals the G-Wing in hyperspace travels about a parsec faster than your average starship. The only known ship that is faster is, of course, the Millennium Falcon. G7-A3’s main purpose on board is to maintenance and navigation. His optic sensor has been fitted with special lenses and scanning equipment allowing him to plot hyperspace routes within a star system’s distance, as well as detect astrophysical anomalies and enemy and ally movements. He can’t do this with physical objects in the way however, that is why he has a socket outside of the ship. It was in this way, that this small band of First Order fugitives found and joined the Resistance! They’ve been fighting with them against the First Order ever since, and Supreme Leader Snoke rues the day he ever formed the research facility that ended up creating the G-Wing Starfighter!

#446165 Eli Fehringer, Age 15

It’s the scene when the Ewoks capture Luke, Han Solo, C3PO, and R2-D2. R-D2 cuts a hole in the net so Luke and Han fall out onto the ground, which you can see in the MOC. I put a lot of plants and trees to make it look like a forest, I also put different colored pieces to represent vegetation and dirt because dirt in real life has different colors it’s not a plain brown That is my MOC, hope you like it.

#446169 Cameron Gene Wilkey, Age 19

Final push to break might of Empire that brought war to our galaxy. The rebel Alliance to restore the Republic finally formed the New Republic and a provisional Senate. After weeks of tense waiting they gave the orders to strike Jakku. Thanks to a brave captain was able to break the blockade and take out the last super star destroyer in the Empire’s fleet. It allowed Rebel strike team to land. Zeta Company to strike imperial outpost on the otherside of a slot cannon. One of the last key bases that the Empire has in the galaxy. Only high Imperial have a real clue what this base’s real purpose is supposed to be. The Emperor observatory. Here commences Imperials battle to keep their secret safe. The Rebel hope to put an end to evil.