#446171 Corbin, Age 12

My MOC is a TIE Hunter featured in several Battlefront games. The ship was built for speed and I have tried my best to replicate the starship. The ship in the Star Wars storyline was a prototype ship made to combat the powers of X-Wings and other rebellion ships. The TIE Hunter also has a hyper drive and shield system to protect from powerful enemy attacks. In my model I tried to include as many of the cool features as I could which include a targeting scope, high powered blasters, and even an antenna for long range communications. I hope you like my ship and enjoy it’s features.


#446162 Ryan, Age 14

My MOC takes place on the planet Sullust. The lava bubbles up from the core and streams down the rocky surface. The Imperials set up an outpost on the planet and installed some turbo-lasers to take out aircraft. Princess Leia and the rebels desperately attack Boba Fett and the Imperials, to take out the turbo-laser. The rebels move their way across the hot, rocky, lava strewn terrain in order to reach the com-link. When the rebels reach the com-link to contact their air-support, Boba Fett and his Imperial friends come out to repel them. The Imperials activate the turbo laser to combat the incoming enemy fighters. The turbo laser swivels its guns and elevates its cannons and begins to wreak havoc on the rebel fighters. Princess Leia and her rebel ground forces push forward to try and neutralize the enemy forces. As soon as the rebels start to make up some ground, advanced Imperial death troopers flood onto the landscape. Now it’s a fire fight. Neither side is willing to give up. Jump troopers blast into the air and death roopers fire their blasters at the rag-tag rebel group. Will the rebels prevail or will the Stormtroopers claim imperial victory.


#446160 Michael C, Age 12

My MOC is a small Imperial base located inside a mountain on the mining planet of Abafar. In the Clone Wars Abafar was a planet that provided fuel for the Separatist Army. After the Clone Wars the Empire took control of the planet and used the fuels to power their ships.
A few features of my MOC are the medical bay with medical robot operating, the troop briefing, watch tower, rotting turret, command center, and jail.
This base is used to maintain order on the planet and oversee the fuel mining. It can communicate to anyone and defend the planet and it’s fuel at all costs.

#446144 Carter & Jaxon, Age 

“Our MOC is about a time when CPT. Rex got stranded on Alderaan. Cpt. Rex’s crew was a mixture of different times. Eventually, they met Krell, a snowtrooper, Jango Fett and more so Rex and his crew built a war mech out of scraps to find the Dark side off and eventually they built a ship and found help.”

#446145 Brigham, Age 14

Deep in the forested valleys of Kikwi5, a moon of Korok10 in the Hestu system, weary rebels rest at a small outpost, fabled with this legend. “when the three souls reunite, the gift of power will be bestowed from the tree.” Their commandant, Chris, comes from the planet Earth, in the solar system, with his cat, Squishy. He is the pilot/swordsman upon the Deku, a fighter-class transport. The radioman, Fred, runs the station as a post-empire bounty hunter. His partner droid, 88-JTO helps guard the station as a meta/camo assassin droid. Two H class astromechs assist in radio/radar maintenance, and hiding one of the known souls. Codenamed ‘Jesse’, a deserter in the Imperial Army, is the gunman upon the Deku, and is an expert sniper, arguably the best in the world. Their ships mission is to find the three great souls; Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Vader/Anakin; and then return with the “great power” known as the first Jedi crystal. Three characteristics must be overcome.
1. Courage – Anakin/Vader
2. Strength – Yoda
3. Wisdom – Obi-Wan
However, the trio must at fast, as clone armor is proof enough that the First Order knows the legend as well. Can they find the crystal in time or will they have been too late?

#446146 John, Age 12

It is a black market freight escort. It (as the name implies) guards black market freighter ships. This particular ship has guarded 42 freighters, and only lost 7.

#446148 James P, Age 12

Hoth base
Imperials attacked the rebel base on Hoth. A snow monster got mad at the probe droid and decided to attack it. The rebels inside the base are defending with the help of Han and Chewy. 

#446149 Graham, Age 9

The battle droids attack the clone base. 

#446151 Patrick, Age 8

Ladies and gents, gather around for the 5th anniversary of Boonta Eve Pod Racing! Our contestants are Aloar Breedo, Gas Gano, Neva Kees, Anakin a new contestant and everybody’s favorite Sebulba! While the pit droid is fixing Anakin’s pod racer let’s look at the crowd we have, those twins from Hoth. They have their hands in the air. Oh there’s that droid called R5-FLO, there’s also a one-handed Royal Guard. Hey, the pizza over there looks tasty mmm…. Have you ever heard that myth that a ghost haunts the place. Could it ruin the race maybe so, maybe not? The end.

#446152 Luke, Age 6

My MOC is called “The Super Tank.” It shoots out the side when it’s in a battle. There is a speeder bike on the other side of the cannon. The speeder bike goes anywhere the Super Tank can’t go. There’s tons of cargo space for guns and stuff. There is also a light in the front so the Super Tank can see at night.

#446153 Kohen, Age 9

It is in between episode 4 and 5, and a secret troop of clones remains. They are trying to explode and kill Lord Vader and his hovercraft. They successfully explode his hovercraft but don’t kill him or his troops.

#446156 Karsten, Age 6

This base is a good guy base. There is a battle between the dark side and the light side. Rey and Darth Maul are fighting on the side. The dark side is trying to take over the Republic.

#446157 Elias, Age 9

Movie XII
With the republic in peril, the first order attacks on the planet in which Obi-Wan and Anakin betray each other (see movie III) a battle rages under the cliff Finn is being attacked by a Tusken raider Chewy runs to help but sees Rey’s lightsaber fall into a river of lava Leia stops him with Rey cornered is it doom for the rebels or victory? Before Leia’s Chewey’s Finn’s, ____ Kylo Ren save rey from falling to her doom.
“I realize now what I did was wrong” said Kylo, “I shouldn’t have betrayed the rebels.” As he spoke the battle below raged on as a General Hux ordered more fire.
Rey was falling and Kylo saved her the rebels were being attacked by the First Order.

#446159 Logan, Age 7

“The Death Star Team” a dark side walker with a turret on top, room for troops on top 2 seats for troops, spot for driver.

#446161 Mike C, Age 10

My own creation is a CU-Shuttle. The Command Unit was made for fighting on Scarif. It is an emergency fighter, which means that it can only be used for emergencies. For example, if an AT-AT is attacking, this shuttle will come in and attack it and it’s lasers are powerful enough to destroy it. The shuttle has an R2 unit, and it has a lot of speed. It would take three hits from a sonic missile to destroy the shield. Pilots of this shuttle need to be specially trained to fly it. This invention is the strongest defense the Rebel Alliance has ever created.

#446163 Jennalynn, Age 7

This is the place where Padme had her babies. Luke and Leia are next to it. There is a storage room with more robots. The robot next to Padme is named KYES. The robots in the storage room are testing if the babies are healthy. The robots didn’t know if Padme would survive.

#446164 Jason, Age 9

My MOC is a disguised pilot flying a ship that shoots missiles and lasers.

#446166 Nathan

The X2X Snowspeeder has three characters: Coner (a Jedi), Chewbacca (a wookiee), and BB-8. In the back there is a trunk. In the trunk there is a lightsaber blade and a hammer. Behind BB-8’s seat is a hyper drive crystal.
In a galaxy far far away… A man named Coner heard about the golden lightsaber, held by the first Jedi Master. He set off to find his tomb on Hoth. When he got there he did not see that he was being watched by the evil-doers! As soon as Coner touches the golden lightsaber he gets knocked back! Stormtroopers are attacking! But right at that moment Coner’s wookiee friend, Chewy, runs into the tomb and pounded at the Stormtroopers. BB-8 was scared so he stayed in the ship. The crew escaped and blasted off to the resistance back to become a Jedi and to deliver the golden lightsaber. The end.

#446167 Jackson

My MOC is cool! It has one gun. It has Han Solo and Cody and R2-Q2. It has four escape pods. It is powered by Kuiper crystals. It has a light saber.
Han Solo found an old clone trooper and brought it back to life. Then he found a space ship. He traveled away. Then he heard something. Then he heard storm troopers!! Then the storm troopers searched the ship. Then R2Q2 attacked. Then storm troopers died and Han Solo came out from hiding. The end.

#446168 Harry

On planet Yavin 5 the Empire has built a new Imperial Base. The Rebels are trying to take it over with a daring attack. Baze Malbus is into support the band of Rebels. An Imperial Watch Guard has spotted the Rebellion ship and is about to shoot it down but a Rebel stops him! Who will win?

#446170 Cody, Age 8

My moc is about an imperial ship that is call the TIE scout. It has a gun holder and the control lever moves, the wings move up and down, it has two imperial symbols on either side. I like this build because the wings are upside down and makes it look cool (in my opinion). Hope you like my build.

#446173 Luke, Age 9

Rey and Finn and BB-8 got shot down and crashed on Jakku. Rey said to survive we need to get parts to build another ship. 48 hours later they finished the ship and named it the Resistance Executer. After they finished it they went out to seek revenge to the pilot that shot them down. 

#446174 James, Age 11

My MOC has some features, it has play missiles, landing gear, opening and closing pilot window, movable joy sticks (for the pilot), weapon holder, targeting camera, Draux (pilot), and detachable lightsaber blades (green tubes on the wings). The story of this space ship starts with a young man named Draux that had the idea of making a space ship but there was one problem, he had no parts to make it so he did something that in his eyes made sense. He started to sell all his things from his own spaceship to his bed (as you can tell he really wanted to make the ship) until all that was left was his house so he went to the wookimet (star wars joke) and bought all the things he needed to get wing parts, glass, blasters, engines, controls, landing gear, targeting system, and something suspicious, kyber crystals. He had bought about 10 large chunks and was planning something awesome. Once 2 months had past he had made the ship he added everything in and printed it white. He only had one last thing to add, the kyber crystals which were cut into the exact amount he needed. Once he got all the pieces he put it in and it instantly went on with a BRIIIIIIING the light sabers turned on the wings. After they turned on he made sure the rest of the ship worked and his ship was done. He named it the DX-472 and this was the only one ever made in history because Draux hid the blue prints and no one ever saw them again. After about two years of having the ship he became a jedi made a light saber that was ____ because it’s blade was in the ____ of lighting and he flow off to not be seen again. 

#446175 Garrett, Age 11

My MOC is about some Jedi that survived Order 66. Darth Vader comes with his Stormtroopers. There is one Jedi Master and all the others are padawans. They are fighting for survival. They are fighting at the speeder bike hangar. There are three Stormtroopers: commander, gunner, and Stormtrooper.
All the cracks represent weathering and erosion because no one has been there in years.