What happens…

…when you combine…

The Largest LEGO Store in the USA…

…with one of the Largest LEGO Collections in the World?

Bricknowlogy is embarking on the next step of the journey… 

Brickstory: The History of the Brick

Dating back to 1957…

Over 60 years of LEGO sets

Over 5,000 Unique LEGO Sets

Over 100 different LEGO Themes

Over 8,000 different Minifigures

100’s of Rare Sets and Artifacts

MOCs from our Community and around the World

This is going to be HUGE…

…we’re going to need a LOT more SPACE

…and we’re definitely going to need some HELP

Please join us…

For now…

Check out the video below…

So begins our journey…  over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing more plans and ideas for Bricknowlogy’s “History of the Brick” – our vision for Bricknowlogy 2.0.  Our goal is to create a permanent home for the World’s Largest Collection of LEGO Sets, Minifigures, Artifacts, Memorabilia and Retail Products all in one place… right here in the Treasure Valley.  This is a huge undertaking… and we’re going to need some help.  In the interim, we ask that you please sign up to receive important updates, partake in surveys, and gain access to exclusive offers – this is different from the Bricknowlogy list or the Rewards Members.  Of course, this is a NO SPAM ZONE and we will never share or sell your information to anyone – ever. We also ask that you share this page with anyone who might be interested – no matter where they live… we’re going BIG!

For now, if you haven’t already done so… check out the video:

This represents a small sample of the over 8,800 unique LEGO minifigures in our collection (over 22,000 in all) – just to give you all a tiny hint as to what we’re planning for the History of the Brick at Bricknowlogy 2.0.  We thought it might be fun to see how many you can name.

For those keeping score… besides bragging rights and impressing fellow LEGO nerds, on February 28, we’ll select 5 entrants who successfully name all 95 minifigures to win a custom-printed minifigure from Bricknowlogy. You’ll also be eternally glorified with your names forever etched on this page for all time – or until we update the web site, whichever comes first. If no one can name all 95, then we’ll select the first 5 who get the most correct.  For each Minifigure, you will need to enter the Year it was released followed by the Full Character’s Name (or the Description if it’s listed as “No Name”). The Theme is Optional, but may help if the other information is slightly off.

2013 Comic Con Spider-Man (from Super Heroes)
2009 Agent Swift (from Agents)
2015 IceKlaw (Legends of Chima)
2018 Fire Fighter
(for a “No Name” entry)

Enjoy the video, have some fun with it, and stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you to all our customers, visitors, and our entire community which has been so tremendously supportive and encouraging.  We think you’re really going to love what we’re working on and we’re very excited to bring this to the Treasure Valley!!


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