The Brickstory Kickoff!

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Today, we are officially announcing Brickstory – The History of the Brick brought to you by Bricknowlogy.  Many of our local customers and supporters are somewhat familiar with our plans, but for the rest of the country and everyone else who has yet to discover what we do, our plan is simple yet ambitious: to build the largest public display of LEGO sets, minifigures, and artifacts in the USA – and potentially in the world! After almost 50 years of collecting and hunting down some of the most unique LEGO products ever produced, we are now ready to share that with the entire LEGO community and across the entire country. This includes over 7,000 different sets (most of which are still sealed) dating back to 1957 from over 100 different themes; 9,000 unique minifigures all new and in pristine condition; hundreds of rare sets and collectors’ items; huge show tables filled with interactive displays and games; free-build and play areas with obstacles and challenges; a LEGO-themed gaming and VR room; a party and events room for STEM-based learning; and of course, a snack bar built right next to the toddler play room. All this in one place and tied to one of the largest LEGO retailers in the country filled with hundreds of current and retired LEGO sets and accessories.

This will be huge…  literally.  We’re looking for a minimum 15,000 square-foot to host all this LEGO coolness, and once we’ve got construction underway, we’re going to need a lot of help building all these sets!  In the interim, we’re humbly asking for your help and support.  If this sounds amazing to you and you’d like to see this happen, please consider joining our campaign and supporting the project on Indiegogo (to be launched near the end of April).  What we have is 50+ years of historical, mint condition LEGO sets and figures – and a proven business as one of the nation’s premier destinations for LEGO …. what we need is a home.  While we need to invest every dollar we have into funding this project, we are currently offering some very nice early incentives and perks to everyone who is able to support our cause – including some awesome Brickstory and Bricknowlogy Gear.  Please visit our campaign page, watch the video presentation, follow us on social media (facebook, instagram), read up on all the details, and then please give some thought to supporting the project.  This is going to be AWESOME! More news and additional details to posted here regularly.  In the meantime,

Finally, please share this with anyone you know who loves LEGO or who would be interested in our project.

Thank you for considering Brickstory.

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